Is it love? - Chapter 1

Holy crap im seriously freaking out , i cant believe it . Im standing 10 meters away from  where my heroes will be standing. Yes you heard me right  and i dont mean heroes as in  cartoon heroes. These  five guys saved me from hell , when,i saw them smile , i smiled . 
- 10! 9! 8! 
I realised that within seconds i would see the light of my life .   
the dj screamed trough the mic and I saw them coming out and at that moment i forgot everything , I screamed as loud as I could even if nobody could hear it trough the music .
The adrenaline pumped trough my veins . This was officially the happiest day of my life 
Oh my god I can't believe it was over it felt like it's been ten minutes even if I know it's been more than that , I pushed myself trough the crowd and let me remind you , The crowd was filled with hormonal teenagers who had adrenaline in their blood . FINALLY i found the exit and I finally came out . I looked around and i didn't recognize anything from when I came . Damn I'm so so lost! C'mon Ivy think , think! Ivy Faye you're officially a stupid airheaded teenage girl . 
- OW! 
Shit! What was that?  Omg! A pedophile has probably stalked me!  I'm going to get raped! 
Run Ivy run . So I did as my brain told me to I runned but I didn't even runt 5 meters before I hitted something or someone 
oh come on Ivy! U couldn't be more clumsy ? 
- are you okay?  A manly voice said 
I looked up for the first time and I saw a shade of a boy , it was pretty dark 
He Held his hand out and i took it , i brushed the dirt of my clothes  & that's when I started  to panick , he's  the pedophile! 
- don't move! I have hairspray in my bag! I threatend him 
- woah take it easy I'm just helping you   He said and stepped into the light that was coming from the lamppost .  Fuck seriously of all the people i could've bumped in to , it had to be him . Austin Mahone , Yeah  you're probably wondering why Austin Mahone is on a one direction concert? Well actually this was his concert and One D was just the opening act .
But i didnt like Austin & one direction weren't going to have any concert near my city so this was my only chance to see them . 
-  ugh not you . I said more harshly than I intended to say 
- why so grumpy?  & aren't u supposed to like I don't know jump up and down and cry then wanting to have autographs and pics?
- WOW can you be more egoistic than that? No for matter and fact i hate you 
Well hate was a strong word and I didn't really know the guy 
- well sorry that I thought that you were fan but what the hell would I think when you're on my concert?  He said a bit angry 
- whatever just do you know  the way back to the main entrance ?   I was a bit irritated  even if I didn't have a reason , i was the one being rude . But only because  he was an egoistic prick ! 
- yeah , follow me . He shortly answered 
And i did as he Said even if i didnt like the tone he used .
Soon  i saw the familiar entrance .
 - uhm thanks I guess & uh bye 👋 I said 
- yeah bye 
And I started to walk home . This was a memorable night .
Yayyy I'm back fast med en ny Novell & den handlar både om Austin & one direction ❤️ O jag hoppas ni gillar den / Z

Im back!

Hej ! Wow vi har inte skrivit på länge men jag Z kmr isf börja skriva fast på en ny story! Stay tuned ;) 😋

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